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Sherreebonn & blubble blubble (Billy Connolly)

Posted by ESC on October 16, 2004

In Reply to: Sherreebonn & blubble blubble (Billy Connolly) posted by stefano on October 16, 2004

: reading about panto and Billy Connolly I came across the word 'sherreebonn' (scots slang I presume) and a sketch which a punch line that scapes me.

: I wonder if anyone familiar with Billy Connolly can help with this punchline, specially if you have seen it, as regard

: 1) where was he putting his head and
: 2) meaning of blubble blubble (is it a corruption of some word or phrase?)

: the sketch mentioned is is the American Express one, which ended with the punchline "put your head in between them and go blubble, blubble, blubble with American Express".

: thanks

Well. There's an expression in the U.S. that in case of nuclear attack: Put your head between your legs and kiss your a s s goodbye. That was by way of illustrating the futility of civil defense drills.