WHich one below is right?

Posted by Bob on September 06, 2004

In Reply to: WHich one below is right? posted by Shooter on September 06, 2004

: : Farmers are likely to shoot any dogs "on sight".
: : or-
: : Farmers are liely to shoot "on sight " any dog.

: : Does the latter one make sense?
: : pleas let me know

: your second one would avoid what I understand is called 'splitting the infinitive' but the first is actually what somebody is much more likely to say eg. come round here boy, and I'll shoot you on sight.
: I think 'shoot on sight' was a military command that has got into the mainstream - like "Fire At Will!" - poor sweet William...

Both are correct. Neither splits the infinitive ("to shoot') which is a trivial grammatical infraction in any case.