A hands-on sense of ...

Posted by Manager on September 03, 2004

In Reply to: A hands-on sense of ... posted by David FG on September 03, 2004

: : Hi there,
: : Could anyone tell me what the "sense" means in the context below? and the whole sentence?

: : We are now at that stage where we need to move from hands-on "sense" of how we can try to move the process forward.

: I have read it several times, and it doesn't make any more sense than it did at first! It looks like a typical piece of 'management' gobbledegook which is designed to look impressive but is completely meaningless.

: The sooner such abominations as this are ridiculed into extinction, the better the world will be.

: Sorry this is not much help.

from the context, the meaning is clear: "we have reached the point where planning is required as opposed to instinct". the person could have simply said "we now need to plan this project"
'hands on sense' is management bull - trying to make something simple sound complicated.
if managers spent more time understanding the business and their role rather than inventing tortured English, the economy would benefit considerably.

...and people thought lawyers were bad!