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Buy a Polar? PC WORLD

Posted by Dr Lewis on September 23, 2004

In Reply to: Find menaing of phrase posted by Bookworm on September 23, 2004

: : laugh now cry later

: I've heard it to mean that you however hard (or much) you laugh now, you will cry that hard (or that much) later. I've been told that when
: I am laughing almost uncontrollably and somefears that I will cry that much later. It's also a bit of a superstition.

PC World

Sounds like manic depression is nothing new.
mind you, calling it bi-polar splits opinion. Jimi Hendrix can't re-record "Manic Depression" any more than Blind Lemon Jefferson can re-release as "Visually Impaired".
there are other performers sweating about the Disability Discriminaiton Act: "Madness" refuse to record under the name "Various Psychoses", Norman Cook will not be billed as "Clinically Obese Male Bulemic" nor will the 9 Inch Nails release as "The Viagra(tm) UserGroup".

where will it end?