O frabjous day

Posted by Lotg on September 18, 2004

In the latest book I'm reading (American author this time), upon finally arriving at a destination she'd been longing for, she joyously exclaimed 'O frabjous day!'.

Clearly that's an exclamation of joy at her achievement, but I hadn't remember ever hearing it before. Furthermore, 'frabjous' appeared to me to be a strange conglomeration.

But when I surfed about I found the following:

frabjous (FRAB-juhs) adjective

Wonderful, elegant, superb, or delicious.

[Coined by Lewis Carroll in "Through the Looking-Glass"; perhaps meant to
suggest fabulous or joyous.]

"Ah, my friends, rejoice. These are frabjous days."
Ivins, Molly, Needed: one strong stomach, The Progressive, 1 Mar 1995.

It must be over 35 years since I read Alice through the Looking Glass - so I don't feel too bad about forgetting this one.

Still, it's as though it's a nice new phrase I can now use.
O frabjous day!!!!!!!