Yolk with unbelievers

Posted by Lotg on September 18, 2004

In a recent article I read a line that said: "Some Christians are taught not to 'yoke with unbelievers'...".

In a recent discussion with my partner, I told him that I recalled that somewhere in the bible it was (I think) clearly stated that the wedding of a Christian to a non-Christian is not considered to be a marriage in the eyes of God. These are my words and my interpretation. I've tried searching the Bible for something to that effect, then after reading the above article, I started searching for something to the effect of 'yolking with unbelievers'. But I haven't found any of that.

Now I assume that 'yolk with unbelievers' is more about sex and/or reproduction, than marriage, seeing yolks have more to do with ovum.

Is anyone up with this? Does anyone know where such a reference might be in the Bible?