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She is the cat's mother

Posted by Gary on August 09, 2004

In Reply to: She is the cat's mother posted by platypus on August 09, 2004

: I'm feeling terribly old tonight. While dining with friends I dropped the old nonsequitor "who is she?is she the cat's mother" on their young son for referring to his mother in the third person. In my own defence, I was a bit in my cups. Though I understand the purpose of this phrase is to remind children to speak of their mothers with reverence(I've never heard it in defence of dads), I still don't get-it. Is a "she" the mother of kittens like a "dame" is the mother of puppies? Or, is this old chestnut random?

This one has come up a few times. Go back a page and try searching for 'cat's mother'.