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In (one's/its) own right

Posted by Platypus on July 14, 2004

In Reply to: In (one's/its) own right posted by Bruce Kahl on July 14, 2004

: : What does this mean, exactly? Is it redundant?
: : "She's an exciting author in her own right."
: : Trying to find the origin and all I get is the actual phrase itself as applied to various subjects. Is it an idiom?

: It means "by her own individuality and accomplishments", with a stress on individuality.

: I do not know the origin and am not sure if it can be defined as an idiom.

: Lots of very smart wordsmiths tend to hang out here so be patient while waiting for your answers.

:: Someone was being clever; it's a pun. Not technically redundant, nonetheless, the joke plays on the perceived redundancy. write=right??
Of course, I may be reading too much into this. There are 62 definitions for "right" in my Webster's. Number 40 states, "in one's own right>>by reason of one's own ability, ownership, etc;in or of one's self,independant of others." This cliche is often used to describe one's activity or being in proximaty to a more famous or accomplished relation(sibling, spouse, child). For example: Hillary Clinton is an able politician in her own right.