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On the block

Posted by Dhm on July 31, 2004

In Reply to: On the block posted by ESC on July 30, 2004

: : So crack the 40-ouncer and pour a little on the block for the bad boy of beers [St. Ides malt liquor]--USA Weekend

: At

: What does that mean? Is it like pouring a little beer, etc., on a grave as a salute to the dearly and dryly departed?

It could be that, in keeping with the marketing campaign designed to develop street cred with the homeboys, "on the block" simply means "on your street" or "in your neighborhood", as in "new kid on the block". Alternatively, these guys have just stroked, bored, and rebuilt their automobile engine and are christening the results with a bottle of St. Ides best.