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Well-heeled dogs

Posted by Brian from Shawnee on July 30, 2004

In Reply to: Well-heeled dogs posted by ESC on July 29, 2004

: : : : Does anyone know what this means if you say that you have enough to cobble dogs with I mean who would really want to cobble their dog cobble means to mend but I would be interested to know, this a discussion we are having at work, we are really buay here

: : : Just a hunch, but I don't think anyone is suggesting making shoes out of dogs. It seems likely, though I can't find a sitation, that "cobble" refers to cobblestone, not footwear. Hence, having "enough dogs to cobble" would be having enough dogs to pave the road. As a member of PETA and the ASPCA, I find this troubling.

: : From googling around the internet, I gather it's a British expression, but I couldn't find an explanation. There was once instance of "enough to cobble cats with". Don't know what the RSPCA thinks of it.

: PETA member here too. I couldn't find the expression. But I have a image of dogs being outfitted with shoes.

The gist would seem to be if you have enough stuff to make shoes for four-footed critters, you've got twice as much stuff as you'd need to cobble us bipeds. Just as long as the material is synthetic, PeTA will be happy.