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Vagina dentata

Posted by Platypussy on August 22, 2004

In Reply to: Vagina dentata posted by Capeci on August 21, 2004

: Could someone pls tell me what the origin of this phrase is?

The myths of the all devouring vagina occurs in myriad cultures. The greek word semen is rooted in the word sema which means food. I suspect stories of the "vagina denata" pre-date the written, and spoken, word. Eons ago, I imagine a cave-mother gestured to her cave-teen that if he went into the cave of cave-girl-next-door he would be met with gnashing teeth. THe phrase "vagina dentata", however, is not so old. It is attributed to everyone's favorite cocaine addict, and all around misogynist, Sigmund Frued.
I won't post a link in respect for those of more delicate constitutions. To learn more, Google it.