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Time for a nooner

Posted by Dhm on August 16, 2004

In Reply to: Time for a nooner posted by ESC on August 16, 2004

: : : Whats the history of this expression?

: : I've never heard this one before, but it sounds to me like it means 'time for a lunch time drink'. Which by-the-way sounds like a superb idea to me and seeing it's 12.40 here in the Blue Mountains, I'm gonna do just that.

: You know how people are so busy that they try to get things done on their lunch hour. Well...

: NOONER -- noun. 1. 1940s+ a midday alcoholic drink. 2. 1970s+ sexual intercourse, often adulterous, enjoyed around lunchtime (afternoon delight). From "Cassell's Dictionary of Slang" by Jonathon Green (Wellington House, London, 1998).

Also, I'm sure I've heard this used to refer to a noonday nap...much less exciting than definitions 1 and 2, I know.