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"Bling bling"

Posted by Word Camel on August 14, 2004

In Reply to: "Bling bling" posted by ESC on August 13, 2004

: : This is everywhere now. I don't know the origin but I've been told it refers to jewelry as in the copious jewelry sported by hip hop artists. I thought it would be worth mentioning as a cultural moment.

: : Camel of the Zeitgeist

: BLING, BLING-BLING -- ".bling-bling, a reference to elaborate jewelry and clothing, and the appreciation of it." From "Bling-bling" makes new Oxford dictionary," June 7, 2003. Accessed June 23, 2003.

: "The phrase was created by rap artist Baby Gangsta (aka BG), who grew up poor in New Orleans and soon began rapping about escaping inner-city poverty and earning respect by acquiring material goods. It was the song's chorus that burned 'bling-bling' into the American consciousness: Everytime I come around yo city/ Bling-bling/ Pinky ring worth about fifty/ Bling-bling." From "Not for bling-bling, OED is facing a revamp," by Andrew Guy Jr., Houston Chronicle. Posted on Sun, Jun. 15, 2003. Accessed June 23, 2003. "The Queen Bee necklace is a signature piece of bling that Kim has worn in several videos, fashion shoots, and during performances." "Someone Steals Lil' Kim's Bling-Bling," June 23, 2003., 2003.

Thanks ESC,

The spirit is willing to look these things up, but the flesh is weak. Thanks for making it official. :)