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Gift of the gab

Posted by Smokey Stover on June 20, 2004

In Reply to: Gift of the gab posted by cazee on June 20, 2004

: can anyone help with the following,

: gift of the 'Gab' what is a 'gab'?

: glib toungue what is a 'glib'

: and 'gazoontite' or 'gesundheit' a word we say when someone sneezes.

I assume you have lost your English dictionary, where you will find all three words. The Oxford English Dictionary says, of "gab" (the noun): "b. the gift of the gab: a talent for speaking, fluency of speech. (Sc. also gift of the GOB.)" In the U.S., the phrase most often heard is "the gift of gab." As a verb, gab means to chatter, prattle, talk. Glib, adjective. "Of a speaker or writer, of the tongue, etc. 'Well-oiled', ready and fluent in utterance. Of language: Characterized by fluency and readiness. Chiefly in contemptuous use, implying lack of thought or of sincerity." Gesundheit is the German word for health, which is something that people who sneeze are thought to need more of.