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Origin of "Chaps my Ass"

Posted by Art on June 18, 2004

In Reply to: Origin of "Chaps my Ass" posted by Susie Chapstick on June 17, 2004

: : What is the orgin of Chaps my Ass? Does it come from those souls that have to break in new saddles on horses? If something really "chaps my ass", it meas to deeply irritate, and everyone knows that to have your a s s irritating you is one of the more annoying areas to have irritated, the only other is the groin area.

: : If you have any other origins of this phrase, I would like to know them.

: You need chap stick.

I knew persons who had never had any experience with saddles who used the expression. Sometimes it was "Chaffs the crack of my ass." It may have originated with saddle jargon but hemorrhoids and farm equipment kept the expression alive in places where horses and saddles were a thing of the past. And, it was used metaphorically as well as literally.