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What indeed?

Posted by Smokey Stover on June 12, 2004

In Reply to: What is correct? posted by MichaelFR on June 12, 2004

: I am unable to figure what is best for the items below, your help is welcome:

: "once in a while" or "once in awhile"
: If both are OK, is there any difference in the meaning?

: And giving directions, I am lost between:
: "...take Maple Street on your left"
: "...take Maple Street to your left"
: or
: "...make a left on Maple Street"
: "...make a left to Maple Street"

: Thank you very much, have a good day/week-end.

Once in a while. (If "while" can be parsed as a noun, then do so.) Maple Street, on your left (assuming starting location is correctly noted). Maple Street, to your left (assuming etc.) Make a left [turn] on[to] Maple Street. All above are correct. Incorrect: "Left to Maple Street." This is correct only if there is some intervening information not stated here. (E.g., left on Bumpy Road to Maple Street, then hang a right.) SS