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Beats your meat

Posted by Rude Boy on June 03, 2004

In Reply to: Well Hung -- poor boy posted by Acme on May 28, 2004

: : : : What does this term mean?
: : : : Women have said it to me many times, but I'm not sure what they mean.

: : : It's a slang term, referring to a man with a large penis.

: : I'm sure your female acquaintences meant to say that you should be "well hanged" for teasing us credulous folk here at Phrase Finder.

: It is not supposed to be hanging to do the most good. Have you tried any of these new drugs to fix the problem, young man?

'well-hung' as well as suggesting trousers full of tackle, also refers to meat/game that has been left hanging as a from of preparation. Apparently meat and game improve in flavour if left hanging for a while. Obviously to begin with hanging allows bodily fluids to drain out, but I don't really understand why meat should be hung beyond that.