Dooh Nibor

Posted by Bruce Kahl on June 02, 2004

In Reply to: Dooh Nibor posted by Fred on June 02, 2004

: Is there a name for "words" formed by reversing the
: order of letters in words? Paul Krugman in a recent
: New York Times article talked about Bush's Dooh Nibor
: economics -- taking from the poor and giving to the
: rich.

I taught Language Arts in the NYC schools a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Children would sometimes exhibit what is called "reversals"--the result of reversing the order of letters in a word (tap/pat), or confusing similar letters such as d - b, or writing letters backwards.

A palindrome is a phrase or sentence which can be read backwards and forwards such as "A slut nixes sex in Tulsa".

First time I saw a reversal used so well.
Robin Hood in reverse,steal from the poor and give to the rich.

Start rant:

Just as Robin Hood had his side-kick Little John, Bush has his own partner in crime: Little Dick Cheney. Following Little Dick's orders, Bush cut taxes for the richest Americans and in effect increased taxes for everyone else. They don't call it a tax increase, but it shows up in higher college and primary school tuition rates and higher state taxes.

Little Dick has been busy conspiring with his energy industry buddies in his energy task force to loosen environmental regulations and deliver billions of dollars to corporations, courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer. Little Dick's ex-company Halliburton has received hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts from the Iraq war. If the conflict of interest isn't clear already, Little Dick still collects money from Halliburton. When all is said and done, nearly everyone is getting screwed by Bush, both abroad and at home. When election time comes in November, remember the kind of "compassion" Bush has brought to people all over the world.

Rant over now.