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Heartbreakers vol II

Posted by Bob on June 02, 2004

In Reply to: Heartbreakers vol II posted by Anti on June 02, 2004

: 1) Two girls are playing cons to men in order to steal their money. But one of them wants to con a normal guy and the other one wants them to con an old man. Younger one says she's gonne be one her one then but the older one says: "Page, I've told you before,no simultaneous cons. Too many angles. They always go bad."
: Younger one answers: "What? You don't think I can be the primary, do you?"

: What is the meaning of "Too many angles. They always go bad" in this context?

: What is the meaning of "You don't think I can be the primary"

: 2) What means "I cpuld have an intelligence of a thermos"?

: 3)Well, Jack, looks like she got a free drink...and one of your balls.

: What cpuld be the meaning of that balls part?

: 4)"You're like a Brady or an Osmond or something."
: who are Brady and Osmond?

: A woman helps her friend, who's thanking her. After that she says: "I had a blast. I've been out ofthe game for so long...I've forgotten how much fun it could be--"

: What is "I had a blast"?

: 5) A guy points his gun to two girls who tricked him and says:"You know, you two got some brass balls in those panties, I'll give you that. In the few moments you have left...I want to see some begging and some pleading."

: What are Brass balls?
: And what means "In the few moments you have left" in this context?

: Thank you very much!

1) Primary and secondary. A con sometimes requires a two-person team, one who plays the primary role, and the other who plays a secondary role.
"Too many angles" = too complicated a plot. Too many ways to go wrong.
2) "The intelligence of a thermos" = the intelligence of an insulated bottle = no brains.
3) balls = testicles = manhood
4) Brady or Osmond = naive, innocent
"I had a blast" = I had a very good time
5) brass balls = outrageous daring, brave to the point of being dangerous