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Posted by Rube on June 01, 2004

A post earlier questioned the term "Chapel hat pegs" which was inter alia defined as describing a woman's erect nipples (although why merely a woman's I can't say; size-wise both genders' nipples are miniscule compared to a hat peg). I asked for a source.

Bruce provided a hot link to a google search site.

That caused me to wonder just how much actual usage this term gets. A couple of sites cite to a phrase describing eyes; many, and yes I mean many, cite to the excat same usage "Phoarr! She had nipples like chapel hat pegs."

I had never previously come across the word "Phoarr", now I have seen it a half-dozen times.

If this is the only sentence the term is ever used in, I have to question whether this is a meaning that will hold on. COuld it be that one person wrote this "Phoarr" sentence and now people believe it is an actual analogy?

I hope not. It is an unattrctive and vulgar sounding term. I am dismayed that, as noted here earlier, the perfectly good euphemism "somebody's mom" has been replaced by the explicit MILF.