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Quite annoying

Posted by Rube on June 01, 2004

In Reply to: Chapel hat pegs posted by Bruce Kahl on May 28, 2004

" Please try not to delete the body of the posts to which you are replying. Many of us find it quite annoying."

Did you find my post difficult to read? Hard to understand? Filled with clutter that had nothing to do with my question? You shouldn't have.

Did you find it straightforward, asking a simple question in an easy to read format? You should have. Is that what you find annoying?

Just how was it annoying? Just how annoying is "quite annoying"?

You (and the many others you speak for) will have to get over your annoyance. I find this method of endlessly repeating what has been said before not only to be annoying and inane, but improper along with individualistic to the point of eccentricity, but you don't read me complaining.