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Skeevy--from the La**n

Posted by Bruce Kahl on May 31, 2004

In Reply to: "Skank": origin unknown posted by Brian from Shawnee on May 31, 2004

: : The OED's Word of the Day is "skank." It'll be up for the next 23 hours and 50 minutes. Don't bother clicking the Etymology button: all you get is "Origin unknown."

: My best etymological guess is "skeevy"+"rank", but I don't have tools powerful enough to determine where "skeevy" came from. We used to say it a lot in 7th grade, and it wouldn't surprise me if the etymology is unknown.

It looks like "skeeve" is from the La**n / Italian "schifo (skee-foe), schifare" meaning to be disgusted or sickened.

Great assortment of words with skeeve as the noun and skeevy the adjective.

I have heard/used "skeeve" as a verb--"That guy over there skeeved everyone out by drinking all that cheap wine and then throwing up all over his wife's new shoes."

"Maybe it's the skeevy look in your eyes, or that your mind has turned to applesauce ..." Janine's answer as to how she's resisting the singer's charm, from Steely Dan's "Cousin Dupree."

"An abhorment, grimey specimen of the human race. Usually characterized by being totally unashamed/oblivious of one's physical unappealing apperance and showing it off publicly. Also characterized by sticking out pubes, overgrown chest hair (especially nipple hair), unibrows, tight underwear around the crouch."

"Don't look behind you now, but an overweight 30 year-old is running down the boardwalk." "Oh God. He's wearing purple speedos. How skeevy."