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Don't bother

Posted by Lewis on July 05, 2004

In Reply to: A back-alley amuser posted by Bruce Kahl on July 03, 2004

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: : Hi, I learn English as second language. I was watching this DVD movie 'The Gangs of New York' and came upon this phrase 'back-alley amusers'. Who or what are they? Are they thieves or pick-pockets working in the back alley? Many thanks for your answers.

: I never heard of the expression but from the context of the script your guess seems pretty much correct. A "back-alley amuser" sounds like a low level street punk.

: "But if Bill hadn't spent the last five
: years taking over more and more of Goodge's former duties and actions within the Nativists -- everything ranging from collection and enforcement to running rival gangs out of the Points -- Goodge would never have
: been able to accomplish his own transformation: From back-alley amuser, to gang chieftain, to respected citizen and "community leader."

the film is largely rubbish and misleads people about the history. another heap of stinking poo like "Braveheart", but without the charm.

Leonardo de Crappio? Best ever moment on film? Drowning in Titanic.
Talent-deficient pretty boy.

Do not waste your time translating "Gangs" - just make it up and it will be almost as valid.