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Rubbing is racing

Posted by ESC on May 28, 2004

RUBBING IS RACING - An expression used by Congressman Mike Pence (R-Indiana) to describe political sniping. He was speaking on CNN's Crossfire, May 27, 2004:

PAUL BEGALA (Co-host): Well, here's a comment on the president's vision. One analyst looked at this and called it dereliction, negligence, irresponsibility at worst, lying, incompetence and corruption. That wasn't John Kerry. It wasn't Gore. That was General Anthony Zinni, a four-star Marine general who President Bush asked to serve in the Middle East.

Now, when a four-star general, no liberal, he, says that the president's been lying, incompetent and corrupt in his administration in this war, that's a catastrophe, isn't it?

MIKE PENCE: Well, it's not a catastrophe. That's America, Paul. As we say in NASCAR, rubbing is racing. (LAUGHTER)

PENCE: And it happens. People get criticized. It comes with the job.

TUCKER CARLSON (Co-host): Rubbing is racing.

PENCE: Rubbing is racing.

CARLSON: I like that.


Rubbing -- Racing announcers use this to describe cars that make contact but don't crash. Also called "pushing and shoving." From AutoSpeak online at Accessed May 28, 2004.

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