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Help finding a poem

Posted by DeeBug on May 06, 2004

I'm looking for a poem I read in my 10th grade English class . It was not by a famous poet. I don't know the name of the poet who wrote the poem. It was in a High School English magazine that the class subscribed to. I don't know the name of the magazine (though I really wish I did). I memorized most of the poem and so I can recite some of the verses below. If anyone has heard of this poem, knows the rest of the verses I would very much like to have it. Here it is:

When you are old and beautiful
and things most difficult are done
there will be few who can recall
your face as it is ravaged now
by youth and its oppressive work

Your look will hold their wondering looks
Brave as Cordelia at the last
with neither rancor at the past
nor to upbraid the coming time
For you will be at peace with time

But now a daily warfare
takes its toll of tenderness in you...