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'drive your SUV to the environmental demonstration'

Posted by White Owl on May 04, 2004

In Reply to: 'drive your SUV to the environmental demonstration' posted by Fuzz on May 04, 2004

: : : One recent phrase I've heard often in California is to suggest that someone 'drive your SUV to the environmental demonstration". The irony in this suggestion is obvious -- wsing all the fuel these huge trucks/cars do, and then complaining and demonstrating about the global warming or the rape of the planet. Hypocrisy comes in all sizes and shapes, I guess.

: : Never heard the saying but I have thought of it on my own several times. I should have posted it somewhere and claimed credit when it finally emerged.

: Variation: Wearing leather gloves to the PETA demonstration.

Variation 2: Taking your local Roman Catholic Priest to an anti pedophile rally.