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*Fountain coke*?

Posted by Smokey Stover on April 25, 2004

In Reply to: *Fountain coke*? posted by Jassie on April 25, 2004

: Hello!
: What is "fountain coke" ?

: Thank you very much!

Do you know what a "soda fountain" is? The soda jerk from whom you order your drink or milk shake or banana split or sundae makes it before your eyes. If you order a coke, he squirts some syrup, obtained from the Coca-cola company, into a glass, which he then fills the rest of the way with carbonated water from his "fountain," or dispenser. At least, this is what a fountain coke used to be before soda fountains all but disappeared after World War II. Then people started driving more, especially to go out to some place on the highway for pizza. The drug stores, which were the location for many, if not, most soda fountains, had to adapt in a hurry. If they couldn't, they went broke or sold out to a chain. And this is what is still happening. Of course, you can still buy a "fountain coke," but it will less likely be served in a place called a soda fountain. SS