Trial by fire

Posted by Fuzz on April 22, 2004

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: : : Trial by ordeal

: : I was taught at school that 'trial by fire' was a specific version of the 'trial by ordeal' of Medieval witch trials- the accused had to walk a certain distance carrying a red-hot iron bar.

: That was mentioned in the trial by ordeal information I found -- carrying a hot iron bar.

Trial by Fire was coined during the Salem Witch Trials. The Puritan judges believed that God would not allow a pure soul burn, so they would burn the accused witches at the stake - if they went up in flames they were considered to be witches - if they did not... well, they were set free. It was a Trial by Fire.

They also had a trial by water where they would tie weights around the accused witches neck and throw her in a body of water - after some time they would pull the body out - if she was still alive, she wasn't a witch.