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Posted by James Briggs on April 20, 2004

In Reply to: Stickler posted by ESC on April 20, 2004

: : Could anyone explain what does stickler mean.
: : Thanks

: One meaning is a person who is very precise, particular about a subject. "He is a stickler for good manners."

: From Merriam-Webster online:

: One entry found for stickler.
: Stickler
: Main Entry: stick·ler
: Pronunciation: 'sti-k(&-)l&r
: Function: noun
: 1 : one who insists on exactness or completeness in the observance of something. A stickler for the rules.
: 2 : something that baffles or puzzles :

Stickler: A Stickler is someone who unyieldingly insists on something. The earliest Sticklers were umpires or referees at wrestling or fencing matches. The word comes from the Anglo-Saxon Stihtan - to arrange or regulate.