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Behind the music

Posted by ESC on April 20, 2004

In Reply to: Behind the music posted by Fabiana on April 20, 2004

: dear all:
: I need to know the meaning of Behind the Music in a contex of Management: "what undoes them is the familiar stuff of human folly: denial, hubris,...adn other Behind the Music plot conventions"
: thanks everybody.

There's a TV program -- Behind the Music. I take the term to mean what goes on backstage and off-stage. Happenings and machinations that the public doesn't see.

"Emmy nominated in 2003 as 'Outstanding Non-Fiction Series,' for the forth consecutive year, VH1's "Behind The Music" has taken an intimate look into the personal lives of pop music's greatest and most influential artists, tracing their struggles, setbacks and successes in more than 150 episodes to date..."