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The plot thickens

Posted by ESC on April 20, 2004

In Reply to: The plot thickens posted by Word Camel on April 20, 2004

: : : : : In the US, we pronounce it "More-eese". I was just told that the British pronunciation of this is "Morris". Is this correct? How do you pronounce this across the pond?

: : : : Morris - that's it.

: : : Thanks. First "scones" and now "Maurice". I am sure that there are other words mispronounced
: : : in the US. I guess I'll have to educate myself one word at a time.

: : (Steve Miller Band)

: : Some people call me the space cowboy, yeah
: : Some call me the gangster of love
: : Some people call me Maurice
: : Cause I speak of the pompitous of love.

: : "Pompitous" mystified millions when Steve Miller used it in his 1973 hit "The Joker": "Some people call me the space cowboy. / Yeah! Some call me the gangster of love. / Some people call me Maurice, / Cause I speak of the Pompitous of love."
: :

: As I recall is "Maurice" was pronounced more like Mar-is rather than the American pronunciation of Mor-is. The vowel sounds are different. Where is Henry Higgins when you need him? I also wouldn't go as far as to say Americans are mispronouncing the name. The American pronounciation is closer to the French, and therefore, could be considered more correct since Maurice is a French name. British people also pronouce "cafe" like "calf" and filet as "fill-et" rather than "fill-ay". Don't get me started on the British pronounciation of the name, "Regina'. Suffice it to say it doesn't rhyme with "Tina". It's a funny old world.

: Camel

And the Brits have men called "Evelyn."