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A camel is a horse designed by committee

Posted by Henry on April 18, 2004

In Reply to: A camel is a horse designed by committee posted by SR on April 16, 2004

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: : Does anyone know the origin of this maxim? I heard it way back at the United Nations, which is chockfull of committees. It may have originated there, but I'd like an authoritative explanation. Thanks

: : "A camel is a horse designed by committee."
: Sir Alec Issigonis

: : Alec Issigonis was born in Smyrne, Turkey, in the year 1906. In 1922, he and his family were exiled to Malta by the British Navy. At the young age of 15 he arrived in London. He began studing engineering and got a job working for Morris Motor Company. There he designed the Morris Minor. The small car was not well received, but when the Suez crisis brought about rationing, the BMC asked him to design an efficient small car.The new design was the ever lovable Mini. The Mini soon became the best selling car in Europe. To honor his success, he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth in 1969. Issigonis worked as the engineer director at Austin Rover until 1971 when he retired. Suffering from Parkinson's disease, he was then only able to stay on as a consultant until 1987. Sir Issacc Issigonis passed away on October the second, 1988. The Mini defines his design philosophy, Less is More.

Here's another attribution. I'd like to see some further evidence before I accept either. financial_manager/renkcamelon00.htm
I believe it can be formally attributed to VOGUE magazine, July 1958, where it was stated, "A camel looks like a horse that was planned by a committee."

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