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A "dummy marriage"?

Posted by ESC on April 06, 2004

In Reply to: A "dummy marriage"? posted by Jane J on April 06, 2004

: Hi there,

: I heard this phrase somehow.
: Does that mean a marriage that ends up in failure?

: Thanks!

The other replies are "hidden." So I am trying this again.

I've never heard this expression. I found this on a polygamy site: "...second method is to find someone who has no intentions of ever getting married - whom you trust - who would be willing to perform a dummy marriage. This method does, of course, have several moral and ethical problems for the Christians but may be the lesser of two evils. A paper divorce could then be arranged later. Were this to be done several times, multiple hazzards might result. What if the police decided to mount an investigation and found that the husband was cohabiting with four immigrant divorcees? Suspicions might be aroused. You never know."

: Sounds like when a foreigner enters into a marriage with a citizen just so he/she can get citizenship. A sham marriage.

And "A" said:
College students once did a dummy marriage to cohabitate without incurring the disapproval of parents or the institution.