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Noblesse oblige

Posted by ESC on April 02, 2004

In Reply to: Noblesse oblige posted by Shae on April 02, 2004

: : I have a hallmarked silver badge, with the motto "Noblesse oblige" on it. That bit I understand. However, there is a shield on it with "TSC" or "STC" intertwined. does anyone out there know which organisation it refers to?

: : thank you!!

: Modern hallmarks, at least in Britain and Ireland, identify the Assay Office that certified the authenticity of the piece and its year of manufacture. The Maker's Mark is an additional stamp. Silversmith Samuel Taylor, London, 1744, stamped his work with a Gothic 'ST' inside a heart that might look, after all this time, like a shield. Any good antique dealer should be able to identify the mark.

: As an aside, Maker's Mark is an exceptionally good bourbon.

You got that right.