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Washington read

Posted by Hillary on April 01, 2004

In Reply to: Washington read posted by ESC on April 01, 2004

: Word Spy "word of the day" for April 1, 2004:

: Washington read n.

: The perusal of a book in a bookstore that consists of checking the index for references to oneself and reading only those parts of the book.

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: MR. THOMPSON: Have you read this book?

: MR. ARMITAGE: I'm the only honest person in Washington.

: MR. THOMPSON: (Laughs.)

: MR. ARMITAGE: I gave it the Washington read.

: MR. THOMPSON: You looked in the index to see if your name was in it.

: MR. ARMITAGE: And then what was said about me.
: --James R. Thompson and Richard Armitage, "Panel IV of Day Two of the Eighth Public Hearing of the National Commission On Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States," Federal News Service, March 24,
: 2004

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