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What does 'walk Spanish' mean?

Posted by ESC on January 30, 2000

In Reply to: What does 'walk Spanish' mean? posted by Misty on January 30, 2000

: Anyone who responds to this message must e-mail me for I do not follow up on this page. Has anyone ever heard of the phrase to 'walk Spanish'? I have just heard of it but I can not find the meaning anywhere. (please leave reference web addresses so that I do not have to just take someone's word for it)

No web site. Just a book. From "Morris Dictionary of Word and Phrase Origins" by William and Mary Morris (HarperCollins Publishers, New York, 1977): "walk Spanish -- In the days of piracy on the Spanish Main, a favorite trick of pirates was to lift their captives by the scruff of the neck and make them walk with their toes barely touching the deck. It was a painful experience, especially since the walk was punctuated with lusty blows from behind."