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Same old, same old...

Posted by Bob on March 03, 2000

In Reply to: Same old, same old... posted by Barney on February 29, 2000

: : Could someone help me find the meaning and origin of the saying "Same old, same old"?

: This phrase is pregnant with possibilities. I've hear "Same old thing, Same old thing" many a time; usually by my wife to describe my perfectly valid reasons from not completing some task of world importance - fixing the door on the Greenhouse was a recent example.

: Never heard 'Same old, same old" unless, of course, it means the same as described above and is simply a smarter was of saying it; that'll be it I reckon.

It's frequently used in answer to the question "how's it going?" and similar inquiries. "Same old same old" implies by its content AND structure, that the "same old thing(s)" are being revisited in the same old ways. Nothing new or exciting is on the front burner. The verbal repetition serves to reinforcethe tidal repetition of cyclical events. Nothing new to report. It may be best understood if written same old "same old." By the way, what's new?