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What does this mean? (Horse)

Posted by Joe Pechell on February 18, 2000

In Reply to: What does this mean? (Horse) posted by Frankie on February 18, 2000

: : : Does anyone know what the phrase "And the Horse she rode in on" mean? Does anyone know how it started?

: : I can tell you what the phrase means but I have no cluse as to how/why/when it started!

: : The phrase is usually uttered angrily to someone who has just aggravated you in some fashion and is preceded by another expression:
: : "Oh Yeah----well screw you too and the horse you rode in on!!"
: :
: : Just a guess but many American phrases can be traced back to the mid 1800s, a time of cowboys and railroads and this phrase, with it's horse reference, may have originated back then.

: : I agree. The aggravation is such that even the horse is being reprimanded for bring you to this man's misery. A modern day version would be "Oh yeah--well screw you and the car that drove you here". (Cursing the means which brought you to me)

Kind of like "Fuck you and that damn thing that caused you to be here annoying the s h i t out of me."