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Corner office - saddos

Posted by Acme on March 22, 2004

In Reply to: Corner office - saddos posted by Lewis on March 22, 2004

: : : : : : What is a "corner office" in a company?

: : : : : : What is the figurative meaning of "running interference for sb."?

: : : : : The "corner office" is a choice spot so it is a status symbol. I don't know about "sb."

: : : : You run interference for somebody if you try to keep this person from being
: : : : attacked. (At the moment Vice President Cheney is trying to run interference
: : : : for President Bush.)

: : : The room at the corner of an office building is desirable, I think, because it has windows on two sides. Such a room is given to a high-ranking employee.

: : :::Status in corporations and organizations is shown by the size of the office and the amount of window view the office holder has. The lower ranked people in an organization will have cubes with no windows, and no door, and higher ranking executives will have more space, a door, and lots of windows. The corner office has windows on two walls, and is only trumped by a reallly high ranking executive who has a whole floor or half a floor. There are lots of other indicators of status like rugs and special furniture, and a wood door rather than a glass door -- but the window quantity is pretty important.

: I have a wooden door, three windows and my room is on a corner of the building - how does that rank?

::Lewis --- if the walls are not mud, and if you're high in the building (basements and first floor doesn't count) and you have a must be O.K. The wooden door is a nice touch. Most of us have fiberboard.