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Thank you very much Fred

Posted by Miri Barak on March 21, 2004

In Reply to: "Frat boy" posted by Fred on March 21, 2004

: : : : my second question (there are a lot more to come, i'm afraid):

: : : : frat boy - is it a student or is there any insult in it? he is called pickled frat boy.

: : : : Thanks again

: : : pickled frat boy = drunk boy who belongs to a fraternity

: : is pickled a slang for drunk? because I couln't find any other meaning to this word besides the pickles that we eat.
: : Can you say that a frat boy is a student? is it the same age of students, or college boys?

: : and thank you again

: Yes. 'Pickled' is slang for drunk. Frat boys are college students.