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Manchurian Candidate

Posted by Masakim on March 15, 2004

In Reply to: Manchurian Candidate posted by Robert on March 15, 2004

: : : I came across "Manchurian Candidate" many time. What is the meaning and origin of it? Thanks in advance.

: : It was a movie. That's all I know.

: :

: I saw the Manchurian Candidate in 1962 the evening before I was to leave the US for my first overseas tour of duty in Turkey, as a member of the US Air Force. If you remember - it was during the cold war - the Cuban Missile crisis had just been resolved, and we had been on the brink of war. Remember also that President Kennedy was assinated in November of that year, and the Manchurian Candidate disappeared. If fell out of favor along with the cult classic "The King of Hearts". It was not until the cold war "ended" that the "Candidate" was available again.
: The Name of the movie - "The Manchurian Candidate" indicated who was really supporting the Vice Presidential candidate, who would become the presidential candidate if anything happened to the Republican presidential candidate."
: It is available - see it - and try to remember - Cold war, Kennedy, Johnson, Kruschev, Castro, and Conspiracy. I disliked Angela Lansbury for a long time after that movie.
: rob

Manchurian candidate, a person who has been brainwashed by some organization or foreign power to the extent of obeying their orders automatically. Embarrassing pop-psychology aside, the Schlaffy-Ward thesis seems to be Kissinger is a sort of Manchurian Candidate, planted in government by ... members of the Counsil on Foreign Relations. He totally subscribes, say the authors, to the CFR one-world, better-Read-than-dead philosophy. --John R. Cayne, Jr., "Overkilling Kissinger," _National Review_, June 6 , 1975, p 624
[1972, from _The Manchurian Candidate_, title of a novel about a brainwashed assassin by Richard Cordon, born 1915, American novelist, and of a motion picture based on the novel.
From _The Second Barnhart Dictionary of New English_
Bennett Marco (Frank Sinatra): "Made to commit acts too unspeakable to be cited here by an enemy who had captured his mind and soul, he freed himself at last, and in the end heroically and unhesitantly gave his life to save his country. Raymond Shaw. Hell. Hell." (The last line of the movie)