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Oh my flippin' God

Posted by ESC on March 12, 2004

In Reply to: Oh my flippin' God posted by Sathyaish on March 12, 2004

: I just heard the phrase, "Oh my flippin' God" on a public forum. The interjection got me curious and I began searching Google for the phrase origin. All the links I found were only instances of usage, so I'd like to ask the question here.

: It looks as though this interjection was introduced into the language by an unarticulate ejaculation. Why else then should someone use the word "flipping" as an expletive? O my flippin' Lord, this is so wierd.

That's not a very good cuss. Flipping is used in place of the other F-word. But the F-word isn't used with God or lord, so it doesn't fit.