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"Indian Casino"

Posted by LaStyle on March 28, 2004

In Reply to: Thank you Shae posted by Miri Barak on March 22, 2004

: : Although gambling is illegal in most US states, certain areas reserved for Native Americans (Indians) are governed by local NA councils who make their own regulations. Quite a few have opened very lucrative gambling casinos.

In the State of Louisiana there are many area's that have Casinos that if you can prove you are a decendent of that tribe, you will get some presentage of profit yearly that this Casino makes.
These Indian Tribes have asked the State for Lic to open a Casino in that Parish/Area the same as anyone else has applied. This has to be approved by the commission of gambling in the state. . . .
Best I understand is that this Land/Area was once an Indian Reservation by this Tribe.
I know people that do receive this payment each year. $$$$$
Of Course there may be other meanings but seeing about other states. . . . The Land this Casino is on is not on a reservation, just "down-town" Marksville. . . . Wal-Mart is across the street, etc. My family owned the property that joins the Casino property, nothing more.