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I do

Posted by Lewis on February 26, 2004

In Reply to: If March comes in like a lion,then it will go out like a lamb,. posted by Smokey Stover on February 26, 2004

: : someone help me please........If March comes in like a lion, then it will go out like a lamb..
: : What does this mean???????

: When I've heard this expression there was no "if." Before global warming, it was quite usual for February to be a cold month, so that March would often arrive on a cold, blustery wind, roaring like a lion. But the natural succession of seasons means that things are warming up during March, and the end of March is warmer and quieter, and, lamb-like, smoothly segues into the gentle month of April. That used to be the case in temperate climates, but nowadays, who knows? SS

February has been cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey - snow forecast for today.

gentle April? forgot about April showers and general blustery days such as Piglet and Pooh might suffer in?

April is a pissy month - which may end with cold bright sunshine as it turns into what is usually wonderful May, when it starts to be sunny, but with enough breeze to stop it being unpleasant.

There is a season (turn, turn, turn) - and a time for every purpose under heaven. [Book of Ecclesiastes Ch6?]