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Both legs

Posted by Shae on February 22, 2004

In Reply to: Talk posted by ESC on February 22, 2004

: : : My mom used to use this, any ideas on its origins, other than my mom?

: : : Talk the hind leg off a mule

: : : Thanks

: : Not just your mom, not by a long shot. This expression was old when your mom was a teeny-bopper. If she ever was. SS

: Well, it's not just the "hind legs off a donkey." This phrase is just one in a series. Here are some examples from "This Dog'll Hunt: An Entertaining Texas Dictionary" by Wallace O. Chariton:

: Talk water into a boil at 20 paces.
: Talk the hide off a longhorn bull.
: Talk the hide off a gila monster.
: Talk the legs off an iron stove.
: Talk a wagon out of a ditch.
: Talk the ears off a wooden Indian.

: And from previous discussions:
: Talk the bark off a tree.
: Talk the hind leg off a donkey.
: Talk the hind leg off an iron pot.

We're a bit more accomplished at this sort of thing here in Ireland. We 'talk the hind legs off a horse.'