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Posted by Smokey Stover on February 22, 2004

In Reply to: Evermind posted by Bruce Kahl on February 21, 2004

: : : Please help me!

: : : In the book The Return of the King, I found the word "evermind", written in a only word. Does it exist or is it only a typpo?

: : : Thanks, HCD

: : Interesting word, if not mere nonsense. But please give us some context. You call it "a only word," which sounds as though you meant hapax legomenon, a word occurring just once. It doesn't sound like a typographical error, but I'm all agog waiting to see the context. SS

: Evermind:
: The white grave-flower
: . Simbelmynë
: A translation of the name simbelmynë, the name in Rohan for the small white flower that grew especially on the graves of Men. This association with the dead was the source of the flower's name - a literal translation would be something like 'everlasting memory'. In appearance, Tolkien compares Evermind to the anemone, a small white flower growing among the grass.

Thanks, Bruce Kahl, you have increased my store of lore, not only in regard to flowers, but also in regard to useful reference books. SS