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Some 'discrete' (I mean 'separate') questions

Posted by Sphinx on February 14, 2004

1.What is a 'discrete' and countable noun?

2.What does the title 'The Other' mean?

3.I am puzzled by the usage of "ever" as a prefix. Sometimes it means "forever", as in "eversafe", sometimes "regular", as in "eversporting", and sometimes "continual" as in "ever-increasing" and the following example:
"She wanted to retreat, but was reluctantly drwan into a ever-widening net of lies and passion as the dark and secret life of his late husband unraveled."

Is there any fixed rules? Or we must use guesswork when we meet a new word of this kind?

4."when" or "where", which one is right here:
"I've reached a point where/when I can work this difficult problem out.
I've reached a point where/when a change is needed."

Thanks a lot!