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Sleeping cats

Posted by Henry on February 13, 2004

In Reply to: Sleeping cats posted by ESC on February 13, 2004

: the situation: a vet is taking care of an injured cat and he says: If it does not pee by lunch time "I'll have him down and put a catheter in".

: Well this "I'll have him down" what exactly does he mean? make him lie down? bring him down from somewhere, or is it some slang?

: I'm lost and puzzled my friends.

: and thank you of course!!!

: : I would imagine that the vet means that he'll 'have him down' to the operating theatre.

: Or put him under anesthetic. I wouldn't like to put a catheter in a cat that was awake.

Don't confuse this with 'We had our cat put down." This means the animal was suffering and was painlessly killed by a vet. That is not the meaning here!