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Sexist jokes etc

Posted by Neanderthal Rude Boy on February 12, 2004

In Reply to: Yes, posted by Word Camel on February 12, 2004

: : : : : : : means a straight person with a gay mind set. I also came across the following terms in an article about names denoting homosexuality:"FTM" for female to male, "MTF" for male to female, "boydyke," "trannyboy, " "trannyfag," "multigendered," "polygendered," "queerboi," "transboi," "transguy," "transman," "half-dyke," "bi-dyke," "stud," "stem," "trisexual," "omnisexual," and "multisexual."

: : : : : : : There are far too many terms to mention in a single post so I am enclosing the link.

: : : : : : : Camelita

: : : : : : All very well, but what IS a 'gay mind-set'?

: : : : : : I mean being a sensitive guy who enjoys art, literature and cooking as well as going down the pub after the football - is that 'heteroflexible'?

: : : : : : Understanding the needs of women to some degree and what tossers a lot of blokes are - is that enough?

: : : : : : Is it having a mix of straight and gay heroes?
: : : : : : (Churchill, Shearer, Leonardo da Vinci and Kenneth Williams - all vying to be top dog - leaving out the ambiguous Shakespeare entirely)

: : : : : : Should we have labels anyhow?

: : : : : : I did a psychological profile that showed that I was on the feminine side for a male mind-set and my wife was on the male side for a female. We were both within the curves for our gender - but it probably explains why she sits in front of the tv swearing when Newcastle miss a sitter and I'm cooking dinner before we both have a few beers then shag (without me having to beg!)! Compatibiity!

: : : : : I just thought it was straight men who like show tunes. :)

: : : : Carmelita must be putting us on. What men do you know who like musical comedies? Do you remember a posting about Neandersexual? "Why did Neanderthal men drag their women back to the cave by the hair? Because when you drag them by their ankles they fill up with dirt."

: : : Well, there's Mickey Roonie but he's scary in his own right.

: : : By the way, it's CAMELita, CARMELita is Word Carmel's nickname. :)

: : From Word Spy for Feb. 11, 2004:

: : heteroflexible (het.ur.oh.FLEKS.uh.bul) n.

: : A heterosexual person who is open to relationships with people of the
: : same sex. --adj. Also: hetero-flexible, heteroflex.
: : --heteroflexibility n.

: This definition sounds more likely than the one given in the article.

ah, so I'm not heteroflexible after all - in that case the following jokes should re-assert my masculinity : (Neanderthal version)

how do you give a woman an orgasm? who cares.

why do women have legs? (v.1) have you seen th emess snails make? (v.2) to get from the bedroom to the kitchen

why are women allowed to drive? how else will you get back from the pub.

what do you call a woman with a tv remote in her hand? a man

why are barmaids popular? because they spend all evening giving head to everybody who asks for a pint.

what do you say to a woman with a black eye? nothing, you've told her twice already.

why do women like men who treat them badly? because they're stupid.