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Get a cat.

Posted by Brian from Shawnee on February 04, 2004

In Reply to: Get a cat. posted by Shkval on February 04, 2004

: : : One officer told another who looks very upset:

: : Could we have more of the context?

: Here:

: -------
: Lt. Nixon: Hey Dick, wait up!

: Lt. Winters: What?

: Lt. Nixon: You know that map you found? It had every kraut gun in Normandy on it.

: Lt. Winters: Oh, yeah?

: Lt. Nixon: Yeah. Here. Don't ever get a cat. What's on your mind?

: Lt. Winters: I lost a man today.

: Lt. Nixon: Oh.

: Lt. Winters: Hall. A John Hall, New Yorker. Got killed today at Brecourt.
: ------

: Just before Nixon said "Yeah. Here" he also helped Winters to open a can with military food.
: May be he refered to contents of the can? :)

Sounds to me like Lt. Winters must have winced at the contents of the can. Canned cat food smells horrible, but cats seems to enjoy it. What do you expect from creatures that eat whole, raw rodents? I feed my cats dry food.